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Concrete Grinding - Coating Removal -  Concrete Sealing - Floor Levelling

GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Concrete Grinding - Commercial - Residential - Retail - Melbourne

Commercial, Retail & Residential

Concrete Grinding Melbourne

The Galaxy Team always strive for excellence

Concrete Grinding and Floor Levelling


Fully insured with years of experience working on construction sites for Commercial, Retail and Residential projects we deliver reliability & quality workmanship.  Our Team are proficient and highly skilled to assess each project and adjust procedures and processes according to the condition of the concrete and site.

At Galaxy Concrete Polishing & Grinding we have the highest quality heavy duty concrete grinding machinery to grind the surface of concrete slabs or floors to achieve an even surface level with the best dust extraction systems to minimize mess and for safe and efficient dust control.

As well as larger equipment we also have medium and smaller machinery and hand grinders for catering with tighter spaces, edge work and corners.


If you have concrete that is uneven or out of level due to inconsistent screeding or other variances during the construction, the Galaxy Team can grind high spots to the correct level using our latest equipment and highly efficient Husqvarna machinery.

Removing old Coatings

GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Polished Concrete Melbourne - Coating Removal

Concrete Grinding - Coating Removal


At Galaxy we have a range of concrete polishing and grinding equipment and machinery to remove pre-existing coatings with care and ease.


Galaxy Concrete Polishing & Grinding can remove paint, glue or other adhesive coatings that have been left behind from the removal of previous floor coverings or coatings. 


We clean up your floors by grinding the top layer for a smoother even surface to prepare your floors for installation of carpet, tiles or other floor coverings.  We can also grind concrete paving to remove top coat coloured coatings and pattern paving stencils for a fresh new look.

The picture above shows the removal of black coloured topping from concrete paving.

GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Concrete Grinding - Concrete Sealing - Melbourne

Concrete Sealing

GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Concrete Grinding - Polished Concrete - Melbourne - Commercial - Retail
Galaxy Concrete Polishing - Concrete Grinding - Commercial - Retail - Melbourne

Concrete Grinding & Floor Preparation

Concrete Grinding and Re-Sealing


The Galaxy Team can bring old concrete floors back to life by applying a fresh coating of a high quality sealer.


This process involves a thorough cleaning or grinding the concrete as required and then re-sealing the surface giving your floors and paving areas a new lease of life.


We can also fill holes and cracks during this process.

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