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Polished Concrete has an amazing look and feel and is widely used as the preferred flooring in Showrooms, Retail & Commercial properties. 

The natural and timeless elegance of Polished Concrete is why this is now such a popular flooring choice in many homes today.


Polished Concrete will work in with and suit any style whether your design choice is industrial, classic, modern or vintage, scandinavian or coastal, to a provincial or a period style. 

Polished Concrete floors are a simple contemporary starting point to any area which will add a sleek sophisticated look that will not date and will last forever.  

The clean and neutral appearance will keep the foundation of your area simple so that you can update or create a new look easily by changing furniture and decor items.


Benefits of polished concrete

Polished concrete floors have many advantages, they are low maintenance and easy to clean. 

Concrete is extremely durable and hard wearing, resistant to fire, rot and insects. 


Polished concrete can also be beneficial to those with allergies or respiratory illnesses as it reduces pollutants such as dust, mould and mildew, therefore improving air quality.

Unlike timber or tiled floors  the look is continuous and seamless, there is no grout to keep clean and polished concrete floors are scratch resistant, and do not dint or need resealing.

Customise your Polished Concrete finish results

A variety of effects can be achieved by the amount of preliminary grinding that is done.

You can have different levels of exposure, which is the amount of stone that you can see in the finished result. 

  • A Full Exposure gives a full stone effect,

  • Random Exposure as seen above, is where there are variances of stone showing

  • Light Random Exposure, which is a surface finish commonly called

        "Salt and Pepper" finish is when minimal stone is seen

Additionally you can select your finished shine preference from a

Highly Polished Gloss or Semi-Gloss finish to a Low Sheen Satin or Matte look.

We are also very lucky to have such a vast availability of the types of stone that we can use in concrete to vary and create an individual look for your project. 

You can choose different sizes, colours and types of aggregate (stone) to create your own stunning look, from a minimal grey to a mix of polished coloured stone or even a blend of coloured glass crystals that you can have shimmering through the surface finish.

Polished Concrete - Stone Exposure Choices

GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Polished Concrete - Salt & Pepper
GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Polished Concrete - Full Exposure
GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding - Polished Concrete - Random Exposure

Light Random Exposure -

Salt & Pepper

Random Exposure

Full Exposure

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