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Process Options

POLISHED CONCRETE v's GRIND & SEAL - Knowing the difference

There are 2 different finishing processes / methods that are commonly called Polished Concrete, they are very different so it is important that you know the difference & which process/method you want and which is being used on your concrete


  • Polished Concrete - 12 to 17+ step process 

During this process the concrete is ground to the desired level of stone exposure. 

After grinding the concrete surface, the Polished Concrete process begins.  

This process has a densifier applied in multiple stages that is absorbed into the concrete which hardens and strengthens the concrete.

A Polished Concrete Floor is Polished in Multiple stages in a Refining Process using diamond tooling & resin pads.  A penetrating sealer is applied in the final buffing stage to complete the process 

The "Polished Concrete" process has  "NO TOP COAT SEALER"  applied therefore there is no drying or curing time required so your space can be used as soon as the process is completed

  • Grind & Seal  (a 3 to 4 step process)

This is NOT Polished Concrete.  Grind & Seal is often referred to as Polished Concrete, this is the cheaper substitute that gives a "Polished Concrete Look"

With the Grind & Seal method the concrete is ground to the desired level of stone exposure and a TOP Coat Sealer is applied such as water based, solvent based, urethane, acrylic or epoxy requiring 5-7 days to dry & cure

Finish Options

Once you have decided on either Polished Concrete or Grind & Seal - Choose your Look

  • Stone Exposure choices (Full, Random, Minimal)

  • Sheen finish choices (Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin and Matte) 

These options are available for both Polished Concrete and Grind & Seal 

Our Sheen Finishes

Stone Exposure

Minimal Stone

Random Stone Exposure

Full Stone

Gloss finish

Semi Gloss finish

Satin finish

Matte finish

Galaxy - Polished Concrete

This is the highest quality of concrete floor finishes, unlike any other, the finish is outstanding.

The luxurious ultra smooth glass like look and feel of Mechanically Polished Concrete will give any area a neat, fresh, beautiful appearance that is hard wearing with timelees appeal.

Using the combination of diamond abrasives and resin technology we grind down your concrete in various stages to the level of preferred stone exposure & fill small cracks and holes as required.  After correcting imperfections we use our resin technology to polish the concrete. The concrete is then hardened using a densifier which increases the concrete surface strength up to 400%


Polished Concrete can be customized to suite individual & personal preference by selecting the level of Stone Exposure that you can see from a Full stone exposure, Random exposure to a Light or NIL stone exposure.  Some Stone Exposure choices may vary depending on your concrete. 

Also Polished Concrete has 5 Shine-Finish Options - High Gloss, Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin or Matte finish


There are many benefits to having polished concrete - there is no top coat sealer required so "polished concrete floors do not need re-sealing."

Another advantage is that because the floor is seamless & continuous without grout in join lines as with tiled floors, there is less maintenance and floors are easier to keep clean & mop.

This technique is recommended for indoor and undercover areas.

Galaxy - Grind and Seal Finish

The Grind and Seal process is an extremely popular flooring finish and favourable for its affordability and durability.

With this technique we grind down your concrete to the desired exposure level, from Full Exposure where stones in the concrete are highly visible to Randam Exposure or a Salt and Pepper look where minimal stone is showing.  

Minor holes and cracks are filled using a GM3000 filling system to give the floor nice smooth level appearance, then we apply a clear coating to protect the floor.   These coatings are high quality and very strong to sustain a lot of traffic.

Grind and Seal is popular because it can be used in many different areas for both interior and outdoor spaces. 

In homes we can Grind & Seal  garages floors, indoor and outdoor living areas, driveways and  footpaths and it is a preferred flooring choice for large and small commercial areas, restaurants, retail outlets and much more.

A Non Slip Agent can be used within the sealer, which is unseen, to help maintain grip.

Grind & Seal is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Matte finish, and you can select the level of Stone Exposure from Full stone exposure, Random exposure, Light or NIL stone exposure.

Grind and Seal

Galaxy - Epoxy Finish

Epoxy floors are great for a warehouse or showroom floor and are very popular with business's because of its strength and luxury look.

A mix of Resins and hardeners form a plastic like material called Epoxy which is durable, strong and resistant to marks, stains and spills.

Our process involves grinding the floor to get an even surface, filling minor cracks and holes then applying the epoxy coating which will  also cover imperfections giving a strong shiny even finish.

Very durable and made for heavy car traffic.

Epoxy coatings are available in a range of solid colours and is also available in a clear application finish.

Epoxy Coatings

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