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Polished Concrete | Gloss finish full stone exposure 

Concrete Floor Polishing - Polished Concrete


Galaxy Polished Concrete Flooring - The Premium Finish

 Galaxy Mechanically Polished Concrete option is our premium polished concrete process having the smoothest feel with a selection of finish options from a soft Matte or Satin look to a Semi-Gloss or Gloss look with a mirror finish.

 “Polished concrete” is different to “Grind & Seal” as there is no topcoat sealer applied, therefore no need for re-sealing in the future, there is also no curing or drying time so polished concrete can be walked on as soon as the process is completed.   


  Polished Concrete Flooring has a smooth glass / granite-like appearance and texture whilst still having a natural look and occasional minor imperfect characteristics similarly found in Terrazzo or Stone adding to the elegance.  The sleek contemporary look of polished concrete is why it is such a popular flooring choice for businesses and residential properties.

What is Polished Concrete?

Mechanically Polished Concrete is a process of 3 different technologies to produce the finest hardwearing concrete surface finish.

With the Polished Concrete process, we harden and strengthen the concrete in a multiple-stage process using densifiying treatments that are absorbed into the concrete.  The concrete densifiers react with the calcium hydroxide (CH) (the quicklime & water content within the concrete mix) to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) turning standard porous concrete into hard dense concrete that can be polished.  The surface of the concrete is polished using heavy-duty grinding equipment in multiple stages in a Refining Process using diamond tooling and resin pads. 

The polishing process involves between 12 and 17+ separate steps depending on the level of shine preference, creating an extremely hard smooth surface. 

With Polished Concrete, it is the concrete itself that shines and because there is no topcoat sealer applied Polished Concrete does not scratch, peel or wear off over time.

Advantages of Polished Concrete Flooring
  • Increases concrete hardness & strength up to 10 times

  • Resistant to Water, Oils, Food stains, Greases

  • Resistant to fire, rot and insects. 

  • Beneficial for allergy or respiratory sufferers - reduces pollutants such as dust, mould and mildew improving air quality

  • No surface coating or "Top Coat" sealer - no re-sealing necessary

  • No Drying or Curing time required after completion of process

  • No Topical Coating that peels, chips or wears off

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Grout free & seamless (unlike tiles)

  • Non porous and dust resistant

  • Attractive contemporary & neat appearance that will not date

  • Available in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss or High Gloss Finish

  • Long lasting withstanding years of the toughest traffic

Levels of Stone / Aggregate exposure
  • A full exposure gives a full stone effect,

  • Random exposure is where there are variances of stone showing

  • "Salt and Pepper" or Light Random exposure is when the concrete is lightly ground so that minimal stone is seen

  • Options for exposure level may vary depending on the condition of the concrete

Polished Concrete - Maintenance
  • Keep internal floors vacuumed and dirt free

  • Protective pads under furniture is recommended

  • Micro fibre mops are best for a streak free cleaning

  • Spills should be cleaned as soon as possible

  • Do not use bleach or citrus based cleaners on the floor

  • If using a cleaning solution use a PH Neutral Floor Care cleaning solution and rinse with clean water

The Polished Concrete Process
  • Preliminary Grind with Coarse 30 Grit diamond abrasives for even surface level

  • Preliminary Grind to desired level of Aggregate/Stone exposure (which is the amount of stone that you can see in the finished result)

  • Grind with Medium 60 Grit diamond abrasives to remove as many scratches as possible

  • Fill small holes and cracks

  • Grind with Fine 120 Grit diamond abrasives

  • Apply Densifier and polish with 50 Grit Resin pads

  • Apply Densifier and polish with 100 Grit Resin pads

  • Apply Densifier and polish with 200 Grit Resin pads (Matte Finish)

  • Polish with 400 Grit Resin pads (Satin Finish)

  • Polish with 800 Grit Resin pads (Semi Gloss Finish)

  • Polish with 1500 Grit Resin pads (Gloss Finish)

  • Polish with 3000 Grit Resin pads (High Gloss Finish)

  • Apply Enhancer to enrich the natural colour of the concrete and protect the concrete surface from stains, fats and oils

  • Buff excess Enhancer

  • No curing time required

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Galaxy Polished Concrete   –   A durable contemporary floor with timeless appeal
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