GALAXY... Polished Concrete Floors -

are a beautiful long term floor solution that give floors both inside and out a stylish and luxurious appeal. 


Concrete polishing is a process of grinding concrete until it is smooth to give floors a seamless  terrazzo-stone appearance.

As well as being impressive in appearance, our polished concrete floors are a wonderful alternative to other floor coverings with many long term benefits, they are highly durable, scratch resistant, hygienic, low maintenance and easy to clean.


At GALAXY Concrete Polishing & Grinding taking pride in our work is important to us so that we can deliver the best results for your project.  Our team of highly trained professionals are up to date with the latest techniques, and only use the highest quality products & equipment to achieve optimum results.


A family owned business, having over 40 years’ experience in the concrete and construction industry.


GALAXY Concrete Polishing - Residential Concrete Polishing
Retail - Commercial - Industrial
GALAXY Concrete Polishing - Hiperfloor Polished Concrete floor
GALAXY Concrete Polishing - Commercial polished concrete Melbourne
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Servicing Melbourne Metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs


GALAXY..... For floors that look out of this world

GALAXY Concrete Polishing - Commercial/Retail Polished Concrete floor Melbourne